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Have you ever had your eye on a handbag but it was just way out of your price range and only a wish list item? Or maybe you have bags or jewelry sitting in your closet collecting dust and as much as you love them, you will just never use them as much as someone else might. Well, both of these were me and I believe I have found the perfect answer to both in Fashionphile.

They literally take all the “hard” work out of selling your gently used handbags and jewelry and make it easy as 1-2-3. The first step if you are ready to sell your handbag is to take several pictures of the bag. They want front, back, inside, underneath, up close of the label, logo etc, serial number, hardware and any areas of wear or specifics to show condition of the bag. You can simply upload these photos along with a few specifics such as name, color and condition of the bag to their site and request a quote. The quote can take a few days but in my case it was only a day before I got quotes for 5 of my items that I was looking to sell. Once they give you a quote, they give you a prepaid label to ship your items to them for the authentication process. This part can take a few days. From Chicago to California it took about 3 days for them to receive my items. From there, it took 3-5 days for them to authenticate and release the payments to me. One of the really cool things about Fashionphile is that they will give you an extra 10% on top of what they offer you, if you choose to be paid in store credit. If you are just looking to swap out old items for something new or different then this is such a great option! That is actually what sold me on using Fashionphile as my place for buying and selling bags. You also have the option to be paid in cash and they can either pay you via direct deposit into your bank account or by check.

Fashionphile also offers the option of selling on consignment which is where you will see the biggest return. If you have the time, this is definitely the way to go to get top dollar. For bags selling under $3k you get 70% of the selling price but if your bag sells for OVER $3k you get 85% of the selling price which is unheard of! They have also recently partnered with Neiman Marcus and have maximum exposure to the luxury handbag market which gives you the best possible chance of selling your bag to the highest bidder. They have a very transparent process from the moment you list your bag for sale with them all the way through until the bag is sold and payment is sent to you. This makes the ease of selling your items like none other!

Next is what I consider the BEST part about Fashionphile…the incredible array of bags and other luxury items they have available at simply amazing prices! Whether you are looking for a new bag that is sold out most places or you are looking for a statement bag but can’t afford the NEW price tag, they have SO many options for you. There is a huge array of discounts and most items will tell you what the original retail value was so you can see the incredible deal you are getting on the bag. They will also place bags on discount and even have an outlet shop! Their “Last Call” items is where you will find the deepest discounts and often there are some amazing pieces in this section! They have a daily discounter that lowers the price by a percentage each day for 15 days until the item sells and most of the time these items don’t make it until the last day. This is a great place to find a beautiful designer item at a huge discount.

The last thing that really sold me about Fashionphile was the fact that all items are guaranteed authentic backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. This gives you the time, if you so wish, to authenticate your item once you receive it to be sure you received a completely authentic piece. Most items come with the original dustbag, box, tags, Auth cards as well and all of that is listed when you are browsing their items. They also offer a “Buy Back” program which is really unique as well. When you are browsing their items you will see something below the price that says “We’ll buy back for…”. This is a unique feature of Fashionphile and what it means is if you purchase this item from them, they will buy it back from you at that listed price (70% of what you are paying for it) within 180 days of your purchase. This means that you can enjoy he bag for 6 months and if you decide you want something new and different you know they will buy it back from you at that price! It is definitely something for bag lovers to think about because if you are like me you are always wanting the newest and hottest items and this is a great way to keep your bag collection fresh!

All in all I had such an incredible experience with Fashionophile and will definitely be back not only to sell more of my items but to buy luxury items at a discount as well! I hope this was helpful and I have shared some of my favorite finds from their site below if you happen to be looking for your next favorite bag!


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