The New IT Watch|Wood Watch Review + Giveaway

Have you ever found an accessory that just feels right? It fits well, it looks beautiful and it serves a purpose. If you have, you are a lucky customer because I think it is rare that an item can do all those things. Until I found my exquisite JORD watch, I had never experienced such perfection in an accessory.

I will admit that the first thing that drew me to this watch was the beautiful design of feminine rose gold mixed with the rustic wooden backdrop of reclaimed goodness. I love items that are eclectic and have depth as well as a story, both of which my JORD watch has. I had never seen anything like it which always grabs my attention because I don’t like to be like everyone else. And let’s be honest…when did you last see a WOODEN watch? I’d probably say never unless you have seen the sudden surge of these beauties on the gram.

From the moment I opened the box of this beauty, I knew it would be worn on the regular. It was packaged so beautifully in an almost as exquisite wooden box, complete with moisture control (similar to a cigar box) and my initials engraved beautifully not only on the box but the back of the watch as well. This is something you can opt in or out of when you order your custom wood watch, and I definitely wanted my name on this bad boy. It was gorgeously displayed on a perfect little burlap pillow which so synonymously aligns with the brand’s backbone of using a mix of natural and largely reclaimed materials.

As a fashion enthusiast who is always looking for new trends, I absolutely love the look of this beautifully delicate and feminine wooden timepiece that has the slightest touch of edge with it’s wooden base. I love to mix soft and edge as much as possible and with this watch, it does it all for me.

As a St. Louis, MO. native where these watches are designed and made, I could not pass up the opportunity to own such a unique timepiece. I love the fact that JORD is always designing new and innovative pieces, and besides being beautiful and unique, they are also made with high quality movements and components.

This is why I am so excited to be partnering with Jord to gift one of you a $100 gift card towards a JORD Watch purchase for you or someone you love (pssst, they have mens watches, too)! All you have to do is click HERE and follow a few quick steps and BOOM! You will be that much closer to the watch of your dreams! Trust me when I tell you…you are going to want one!

Wooden Wrist Watch


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