My Favorite Fall Nordstrom Beauty Picks

The cool air is upon us…time for bonfires, the pumpkin patch, apple picking and some good old pumpkin spice! And with the fall weather, comes my need for beautifully rich fall colors in all things clothing, decor and beauty. Today I will be sharing my 8 favorite fall Nordstrom beauty picks that you will love! While many of these are staples in my beauty rotation, they are also very complimentary to the fall season.

First up, if you have not yet tried this set of long wear cream shadow, it needs to go to the top of your list. This Bobby Brown Travel Size Shadow Set is the perfect way to try some of the best fall hues, all unique on their own but amazing when combined. My favorite thing about this set is that it is so easy to blend and smooths on flawlessly to the eyelid with no creasing. It is the perfect size to throw in your makeup bag while on the go, or in your purse for little touch ups throughout your day. The set comes with four luscious colors and is only $30 making it an amazing value.

Next up is definitely a staple in my beauty routine and that is the Two Faced Natural Face Palette. The first impression of any Two Faced palettes when you open them, is the lovely smell of something sweet but not overwhelming and one of my favorite things about using their products. This particular palette truly has everything you need for your face from bronzer, highlighter, blush and more. My most used colors from this palette are the Sunny Honey for my bronzer, Satin Sheets for my highlighter and Pink Sand for my blush. I find their products to go on so nicely and stay on for the full day without needing to be retouched most of the time. This palette has already lasted me a year with daily use and still has lots left to go so at only $44, I’d say its a steal!

Next up is a product that I truly could not live without. The Two Faced Born This Way Multi Use Sculpting Concealer is truly the holy grail of concealers in my opinion. With 35 shades to choose from, it is quite easy to choose a color that perfectly matches your skin tone. I have found that this concealer goes on incredibly smooth without making my face look cake like or creasy. Each bottle I have had has lasted me a year at least and at only $40 that makes it an incredible value. The color I use is warm beige and I love the light feel of it when it is on. As we age, concealers can actually make the skin look more wrinkled or creasy, but I never find that when using this one. I promise, if you try this, you will never go back to your old concealer!

If you want to try a highlighter that does it all and makes you look like you are wearing the perfect filter, the Benefit Cookie Powder Highlighter is my all time favorite! It gives just the right amount of glow and brushes on super smooth and light. I have been using mine for over a year almost on a daily basis and it is still half full! This little cutie rings in at only $30 and for how long it lasts, its an incredible value.

Speaking of looking like you are wearing a filter, the name of my next favorite product says it all! If you have not yet tired the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder, you are going to be blown away. Talk about looking like you have zero imperfections, this stuff is game changer! I love to use it once all my other makeup is applied and just gently dust it over the top for a truly airbrushed look. Similarly to the other products on my list of favorites, this everyday use powder lasts forever and is only $45. In my opinion it is worth every penny!

Next on my list is something that truly every woman needs in her beauty cabinet. If you have forever been looking for the ultimate eye cream, this Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream is hands down one of my most favorite eye creams. It has a very soft subtle scent and glides on super smooth under makeup as well. You only need a very small amount, and simply dab it on the orbital part around your eye 1-2 times daily. Typically I can get 2 -3 months out of each jar of this magic and it leaves my eyes looking refreshed, smoothed and with far less dark circles than before. At $60, this eye cream is very reasonably priced compared to others in the marketplace and has worked wonders for my under eye area.

On the quest for looking as youthful as possible, we all want our lips to remain youthful looking as well. The perfect plump little pout definitely aids in that look and this Two Face Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper is my favorite lip plumper yet. It comes in several colors, although my favorite is the clear, and gives just a bit of plumping action to the lips with the perfect amount of glossy finish. I usually apply this over my favorite lip liner for a natural look and I’m good to go. There are two sizes ringing in at $16 or $29, both a great value for how long they last!

Last but not least, my all time FAVORITE mascara hands down is the Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It delivers longer fuller lashes with often only one coat, unlike many other mascaras I have tried that require 3-4 coats for a similar effect. It comes in two sizes, $14 and $26, and is a fantastic value for how little you need for each use. I also love that is is paraben, sulfate and phthalate free so I feel very safe using it around my eyes.

Many of the products I have shared today come with a free gift with purchase from Nordstrom which is often how I find new products that I love. That is one of my favorite reasons to buy my beauty products from Nordstrom. Additionally, they have recently launched an incredible program called Nordstrom BEAUTYCYCLE, a take back program for beauty products in which they have partnered with TerraCyle with a goal of recycling 100 Tons of beauty packaging by 2025. It is initiatives like these that keep me a loyal Nordstrom customer because they truly value not only their shoppers, but also doing good for our world and our planet. Click here for more info on how to bring your old beauty items to be recycled and aid the cause.

I hope you have enjoyed my picks for favorite Nordstrom Beauty items! Check back for more Nordstrom favorites coming soon!


While sponsored by Nordstrom, all opinions are my own.


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