Hello there! I am so happy you decided to stop by and follow along with a little bit of my crazy and amazing life! Just to fill you in a bit so we can get to the good stuff…the FASHION…I am a momma to three incredible kiddos…Mckenzie 11, Taylor, 9 and Charleigh 2. My day job is designing my 3 children’s clothing lines Mustard Pie, Jak & Peppar and Little Prim. I am a serial entrepreneur at heart and both my husband Scott and I have always pushed each other to follow all of our dreams and go for whatever may be our goal at that time. But I have always had a love of fashion not only for my littles but for myself and I want to share it with you! I am music obsessed and my favorites range from Led Zeppelin, to Nirvana to Chris Stapleton. I am an 80’s baby who grew up in the 90’s and you will see that come through in some if not a LOT of my style. I love band tees and leopard and layering…but most of all I love to find fantastic brands at great prices. I truly believe there is a way to be very stylish on an affordable budget and I hope that is what I can bring to all of you!

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